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Origin:  Phoenix, Az


Genres:  Rock, Metal


Years Active:  2011- Present


Label:  independent


Website: www.


Hailing from the American Southwest ,Lost In Lies bring their own form of Desert Metal to the table. With coloration's of Thrash, Nu-metal, Groove, Prog, and Alternative their music is filled with  high energy riffing,  melody,  and groove.

     Starting out in 2011 they hit scene running playing shows with all the larger local bands around Phoenix and Scottsdale. Gaining the attention of venues and promoters around the area they were  given opportunities  to play out of town and out of state in New Mexico. Lost In Lies has a real hardworking attitude and a DIY mentality that keep them playing with nationals and going out of state when possible. 

They have been going strong and even with a couple line up changes show no signs of stopping.


     Lost In Lies have had the Pleasure of playing with many huge national acts all around the South and Southwest regions including Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Texas, Louisiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee. They have played and toured with such acts as Otep, God Forbid, Battlecross, Devil You Know, Westfield Massacre, Shadows Fall, One Eyed Doll, New Years Day, Hemlock, Howitzer, Thy Will Be Done, Trumpet the Harlot, Lydia Must Die, Picture Me Broken, and Stolen Babies.


    Lost In Lies Released their debut album in 2015 and are currently in the studio working on their follow up album release date TBD.


“Welcome to Desert Frostover, the local heavy metal highlight of the holiday season. Seriously, anyone who's a fan of the local metal scene should be at this two-day metal fest held at Joe's Grotto to hear all that embodies the Phoenix metal sound from some of the Valley's best metal bands. On Friday night there's Virulent, While She Waits, Howitzer, Deathgrip, She Murdered Me, Lost in Lies, The Pattern Interrupt, Latency, Phoenix and Dragon, Weed out the Weak, Better Left Unsaid, Spades and Blades, and more.”

Lauren Wise - Phoenix Newtimes

“Friday, January 16 - Westfield Massacre - The Rockbar Metal bands don't usually frequent this Scottsdale stage--but Westfield Massacre is about to change all that. This four-piece is made up of members form Divine Heresy, Snot, Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal, and a handful of other heavy hitters. And the lineup for this night gets even more metal when you add special guests Lost in Lies, Deathgrip and Something to Kill to the mix.”

Lauren Wise - Phoenix Newtimes

“Lost In Lies was next with their own groove laden, straight forward style of metal. They performed a very strong, enjoyable set that kept me interested for their entire 30 minutes. One thing that stood out in particular to me was the vocals of Clint Harber. They are a very dirty, mid ranged, clear sounding hard rock/metal style that reminded me of Robb Flynn of Machine Head, which I tend to enjoy. This was Lost In Lies first show with only one guitarist. I personally liked the much cleaner sound of Andrew Kloeppel’s single guitar attack. He is very solid with both his rhythm and lead playing.”

Deathweddle - REVIEW: Vivicide, Lost In Lies, Bellicose, and Play For Blood @ Joe’s Grotto


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