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Breaking Bad in Arizona & New Mexico with Howitzer

Lost In Lies is setting out on a mini tour with Howitzer coming this June we will be hitting The Drunken Lass in Prescott Arizona before Heading to Vault in Albuqureuqe New Mexico AKA "Saul Goodmans office" In Breaking Bad. We can't wait to throw down with all of are New Mexico fans again!

Out side of Wecks in New Mexico clint Decided to grab the elk by the horns he wasn't thinking about it being a 100 degrees out side a little leg Burn!

Beau From Howitzer making sure not to put any skin on that stag he thought first we applaud him on this.

Setting up at the Vault in New Mexico

picking up the Van and were all saying hi to each other as we will live in this van for the next 4 days.

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