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Lost In lies performs at Desert Frost Over Festival 2015

We’re officially in the season of overindulgence: We can eat as much holiday food as we want, drink the hell out of the spiked eggnog and mulled wine, and aren’t judged when we concoct dishes like "bourbon-glazed turkey with bourbon gravy" and "bourbon pumpkin pie." We spend more money than we should on decorations, gifts, or travel, all in the name of feeling merry. So the season of indulging in all that you love would only be complete with an incredible weekend of the best indie rock, reggae, and metal acts that Arizona has to offer. It’s all about to warm up with the Desert Frostover.

Taking place Friday, December 4, and Saturday, December 5, Desert Frostover 2015 is ready for another not-quite-frozen Arizona winter. For the past three years the event has surged and evolved in impressive ways. In 2015, it has moved from a venue with the capacity for 600 to one with 2,500, and over the course of two days will host seven comedians, more than 20 bands, food trucks, and other activities. It’s all ages, and the days slightly differ by musical tastes. Day one is more about alternative rock and reggae (think The Black Moods, We Steal Copper, Soundmankillz, and Black Bottom Lighters), while the second day is all about heavy metal, hard rock, and thrash (expect to see Pelvic Meatloaf, Ella Kaye, Lost In Lies, Deathgrip, Howitzer, and Resurgence Girls hit the stage). Comedians will perform during the band changeovers so that there’s always some entertainment.

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